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Tehsil Quetta | How Businessmen Faces Problems While Transferring Land



We all know that Real Estate is the most profitable and the majority of Quetta individuals are interested in Investing in Real Estate.

There are different categories of people that faces certain issues while transferring their Plot, Land or Makkan.

  1. Investor
  2. Businessmen
  3. Real Estate Agent
  4. Citizens

When someone purchases a piece of land, he/she is required to go to Tehsil Quetta, Where they provide certain documents and according to (Square Feet / Acres) The Tehsil Quetta officer gives a price.

Please notice this prices are way higher than Actual Government Rates.

They also tells you at first that the amount you are paying now goes to FBR, Government Taxes and Tehsildar and other officers.

NOTE: There is no documents that are provided as a proof of receipt that you have paid this amount of money to Government. There is no surety whether this amount really goes to the Government or Not.

(Its a request to Government to Please Digitalize land Transferring, Which could Inshallah Stop corruption)

Whereas Patwari takes his portion of amount, when he makes his visits to the land, plot or makkan on the location, it depends according to the size of your land, if its around 1,000 Square Feet, and the property is in side area, he would be charging around 8,000 PKR or More.

NOTE: He also doesn’t provide you the proof receipt that you have successfully given this amount of money to Patwari.

Also Keep in mind the officer you met first, will promise you that the amount of money you pay now will be the whole taxes, you don’t need to pay later but, When asked they will tell you that this department falls in another category.

If you are new in this, Later on they will tell you to pay FBR taxes as well. (Keep in Mind, They Promised Earlier That This Amount is of All the Government Taxes).

When taking pictures and signing Stamp Papers, You would be again asked to Pay 1,000 PKR.

When taking out Fresh Inteqal, You need to pay Challan, The Officer over there, who gives you the challan and of course when you submit the amount of money in National Bank of Pakistan.

You would be than asked to give more money for getting a fresh Inteqal from Patwari, this amount starts from 6,000 PKR to 20k t0 30k PKR.

How Government of Balochistan Can Help Reduce This Corruption in Tehsil Quetta?

Its not that hard to stop the corruption, the solution for this is simple, to bring the use of Technology in Government Offices of Balochistan.

  • Create a Website and let people search the location of the property and type his/her size of land in the search bar and when entered, he/she should get all his Government Tax Details, that he/she must pay in order to transfer his/her land.
  • Provide a receipt of paper to every individual of Quetta as a Proof that he/she has given this amount of money to this officer based on these taxes. (These Taxes Must be Clearly Mentioned)
  • Digital the entire tehsil to software, let people transfer his/her land in minutes.

As Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan promised to making Digital Pakistan, It’s Request to Him to Please Help Solve This Problem, It will bring more money to Pakistan and Which will automatically reduces Corruption.

How People of Quetta Can Help Improve This System?

Its my request to all my dear Quettawaly, To please stand for your rights, please don’t ignore these issues, it will destroy our most loved country Pakistan <3.

Stand for your rights ask these officers, to provide you the receipt and never pay more than the amount mentioned in DC Office of Land Transferring.

When you stand for your rights, the corruption will get decreased slowly.

What’s the Different That Makes Foreigners Stand Higher than our Public?

The main issue that I have noticed is that Government Officers of Foreign fears the Citizens, because they know, how important is the rights of citizens and what they can do, if they stand together.


Coming back to our beloved City Quetta, People never care standing together and standing for their rights, they fear the Officers, They should respect but Never Ever Fear any Officer.

At Last, I hope this corrupt system of Tehsil Quetta, Get Solved Someday.


  • Tehsil Quetta | How Businessmen Faces Problems While Transferring Land

  • Tehsil Quetta | How Businessmen Faces Problems While Transferring Land

Jahanzaib Khan is from Quetta,Pakistan and Best Known for being the Founder and Chairman of – The top #1 platform which helps traditional business, generate more revenue and customers.

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