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Why is Real Estate Trending in Quetta? How Mafias Hurting Baluchistan?



Why is Real Estate Trending in Quetta? How Mafias Hurting Baluchistan?

Do you know? real estate is one of the most profitable businesses in entire Balochistan, Everyone is talking about Real Estate and It made thousands of millionaires in just Quetta.

From Last 5 Years the Real Estate reshaped people’s lives, it changed thousands of people lives, made them multi-millionaires.

But, it also hurt hundred of thousands of lives of people very bad, many people sold their properties in very cheap that they are now unable to afford a new real estate.

In every corner of the road, you will see Real Estate Offices! Its like Entire Quetta’s Population is Involved in Real Estate!

In meanwhile, people also fear that Real Estate might hit hard and thousands of people will lose millions of rupees.

Last Few Years Back, When a News Came out of Afghan Refugee Sending Them Back to Afghanistan, Hundred of thousands of People have sold their properties in so cheap so that they have little amount to go back to their Country.

But, As Said, the Wort News Brings the Best Opportunities for Smart Businessmen, Those Who Invested in that Properties have 100X Their Profits Now.

Looks Like; Same Drama is Going Again, Well, According to Me, It Looks Pre-Planned by Real Estate Mafias.

They are trying hard to viral this news of Afghan Refugees of Quetta, and Making people fear again and sell their real estate assets so cheap, so that these mafias could this time 500X their profits.

How to Avoid This Trap?

If You are Educated Individual, I Suggest You Better See Opportunities in These Worst Times!

Don’t Ever Watch News Channels, Don’t Ever Read Newspaper and Also Very Important Don’t Watch News on Social Media Specially Facebook.

Commercial Area VS Residential Area?

Quetta is no doubt one of the most superb city in Pakistan, In terms of Business opportunities and Weather.

But, Do You Know? How People are Disturbed with Plazas in Residential Area?

Recently, I have successfully submitted a complain against a Plaza, Which is situated in Residential Area, its not allowed to build a Plaza in Residential Area, but How do they get NOC? Why isn’t anyone taking notice against them?

These all are very big Questions for Government of Balochistan, but it seems no one is interested in solving any of the issues present in Baluchistan.

Coming back to my previous point that I had successfully submitted DC – Deputy Commissionaire a Complaint on Citizen Portal regarding Plaza build on Residential Area, but Unfortunately My complain was dropped.

In the coming post, I will also be addressing that How Citizen Portal is a Trap for Educated Citizens of Pakistan, This Citizen Portal App May Solve Your Small Issues, but don’t ever think, It could help you solve important issues.

This Citizen portal app is a Big Scam by Government!

If you ever go out of your City Quetta, please do notice in Residential Areas, You will be noticing huge amount of Plaza, Commercial Plots etc.

All the residential houses and families could be easily seen from these plazas and these plazas have the worst people living in, all the drug dealers and mafias living in these plazas and apartments build in Residential Area.

If You Ever Complaint Against This, You May Be Kidnapped or Killed by Anonymous Person. Worst of All, You Don’t Have Right to Speak for Your Rights, Its Baluchistan!

Is It Even Profitable Investing in Quetta?

In some cases; it may be profitable and in some it won’t!

Like: You may be sold a property but who knows someone from the seller families comes and demand more money from the place or occupy your real estate again.

Its all mafias doing this in Quetta and Baluchistan, These are the people destroyed Real Estate!

If you ever purchased a Good Property, You will be looted by Tehsil Officers Quetta.

Read Also: Tehsil Quetta | How Businessmen Faces Problems While Transferring Land

I have raised my voice against malicious officers sitting in Tehsil Office Quetta, and complained on different platforms and to Citizen portal and DC, But unfortunately, No body helped in this case.

Why Would Anyone Help? Even the People Are Interested Giving Officers bribe for Doing Their Work, These Public Have No Mind, They Don’t Know Their Rights, That’s the Point Where These Mafias Are Playing with Innocent people.

  • Everything stated in this Post, is 100% Genuine, I have complained faced these issues but seems no one is Interested in solving the issues.

How Does Real Estate Could Help Baluchistan Grow 10X?

The more business people living in Baluchistan do the more chances of businessmen bring opportunities and the more business people do the more chances of Pakistan to collect more taxes.

But, Again the problem is Government Doesn’t Have Enough Time to Think Over This, They Don’t Care if the Province Could Bring Pakistan to Next Level!

Everyone is only limited to their pocket money and doesn’t interfere nor care about anything going against human rights.

How to Solve These Issues?

Its the right of every single individual living in Baluchistan, Its you and me, lets be together and stand for our rights and help our Country and Baluchistan stand out.

We only are limited to Government Help, You don’t think this, don’t ever be dependent on Government, Be yourself and be the one to bring change.

Start from yourself, start changing your bad habits and converting those into Good.

Its our right to help our new generation have more facilities more opportunities than us, if we don’t try bringing changes now, do you believe your next generation would have opportunities? Never.

If you do something today, they will take another step that could help our province and country stand out.

  • As a True Pakistani and Proud Pakistani, I Want Pakistan to be the Best in the World, That is Why, I Do What Makes my Country Proud!
  • Try Making Foreigners Your Friends, Invite them here in Pakistan and Help them Explore Pakistan, It Could Not only Help Pakistan’s Economy, but It could help make Pakistan Image the Best!

At Last, If You have Any Question, Please Comment Below;

Jahanzaib Khan is from Quetta,Pakistan and Best Known for being the Founder and Chairman of – The top #1 platform which helps traditional business, generate more revenue and customers.

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πŸ“£ Covid-19 {Men Made Virus} Bill Gates & WHO Are The Ones, Who Knows Everything and Post Their Statement Years Before When the Virus Didn’t Even Existed.

➑️How Do They Know This All?
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⚠️I am not spreading panic. I am just creating awareness.

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🀡 Be a responsible citizen. Stop International traveling unless it is extremely necessary.

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Today, I will give a genuine review about passport office joint road Quetta!

  • Officers Helping? No
  • Officers Honest? No
  • Officers Behavior [Good / Worst]? Worst

Well, If you are planning to travel abroad, you need to have a Passport, If you already own a Passport, There is no problem, but If you are planning to make one.

Let me tell you what are the problems in Passport Office Entire Quetta!

Currently, I am just targeting Joint Road Passport Office, but this Situation Goes to All Passport Officers based in Quetta, Including NADRA Offices and Tehsil Office Quetta.

The officers are truly corrupted, they don’t know, how to talk to senior citizens, they won’t guide correctly anyone expect those who could give them some bribery or are their relatives or in some contact.

I really don’t understand one thing, if you understand this, please do mention the answer in the comment, Why a person gets educated, he spends all his/her life in School / College and Universities but Yet they remain like animals? Are College and Universities Only about Grades? Not about Helping other Humans Beings? and Aren’t These Schools Teaching them; How to Talk to Senior Citizens? or Even a Young Men?

I have talked about Tehsil Quetta Office, One of the Most Corrupted Offices in Balochistan, They don’t fear Law, Courts and Government! They will take bribery infront of thousands and don’t feel and shame and fear.

So, I Thought to write a little review about these offices as well.

One thing that I really hate is, that these officers don’t check the original documents of people applying for Passport but they only check the photocopy documents.

There are thousands of ways to alter these photocopy documents, but they focus more on photocopy docs than original docs.

NOTE: Whatever I Post Here is 100% Genuine with Proofs!

Also Read: Why is Real Estate Trending in Quetta? How Mafias Hurting Baluchistan?

What’s The Reason Behind Bad Behavior of These Officers?

After analyzing this officers and understanding; how do they deal with citizens; I come to point that the citizens mostly coming to these offices whether its NADRA or Passport Office Quetta, These citizens aren’t educated and they normally don’t understand these technical things!

When they ask these officers things they don’t understand they feel so irritated and even sometimes these officers in NADRA and Passport Office abuse the senior citizens.

Why People Fear These Officers?

In simply words, the public/citizens doesn’t know anything about their rights, they are not aware of their rights, they don’t really know anything!

And this things helps these malicious officers have an higher chances of making a rule on these innocent citizens.

I don’t mean all the officers are so bad whether its in NADRA Office or Passport Office Quetta, but majority of these officers are not supportive, they really are frustrated with their lives.

That is why, I always recommend whether its Government Department or Private Company, I suggest them to bring the youngsters to their departments or offices.

When Will Citizens of Quetta Stand For Their Rights?

Well, There is no proper education teaching them about their rights, once we have that program that teaches these individuals about their rights.

People will stand for their rights! If there is no proper education, I am afraid, They won’t ever stand for their rights!

Many Universities Students Are Demanding For Their Rights, That’s Great to See, People Are Standing For Their Rights!

How Government Can Solve These Issues in These Departments?

Its possible but takes little time or little longer, but if we try!

First, Completely digitalize the system, whether its Tehsil Office Quetta or NADRA Office Quetta, NADRA is Digitalized but Needs Improvements.

Tehsil Office must be the target and also Passport Office Quetta!

Initiate a seminar on monthly or weekly basis, teaching these officers the basic humanity principles and also how to deal with people with manners.

Try teaching them our Prophet PBUH Footsteps, How to live life happily!

Let Me know in the comment section Below, If you ever faced any issues in these listed above departments!

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